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The Amazing Bonus Pack
(About The Author)

Everybody knows that bonuses increase sales.  Add a well written report as a bonus and sales can skyrocket.  But, let's face it, not everyone can turn a phrase with the melodic skills of a professional copywriter.

What's the alternative?  You can use the same old, overdone, rehashed email courses or, god forbid, those ebooks that you see on eBay selling for a buck!

Well, your worries are over.  For pennies on the dollar, you just can't afford not to order your own set of these hot, new reports to offer as incentive to buy your product or service.

These reports are written by the same lady who tickled your tonsils while reading, "What Mama Forgot To Tell You,"  the award winning "Autoresponder Secret Courses," Wise Women Win" and numerous other tantalizing titles.

Count 'em.  There are 7, brand new, fresh off the digital presses reports that you can put to work immediately!  Just take a look at the titles:

  • Unleash Your Niche
  • Mastering The Art Of Aging Gracefully and Naturally
  • The Marketing Conspiracy Report
  • Simple Steps To Fixing A Broken Business Or Life
  • You Don't Have To Be Fat
  • Grandma's Secrets To Saving Time
  • Make Your Site Attract Search Engines and Pull In Sales
Not only is the content of these reports top notch AND contemporary, each one has 10-20 jam-packed pages brimming with content plus a professionally created report cover.

These reports are all pdf and can be easily branded online for you thendownloaded to your computer. You can brand with your name/or website, your url, your favorite host, and two affiliate programs, or more of Wealth Systemss.  The choice is yours. You'll love these reports! Add one or two of them to something you have for sale and watch yoursales increase. *Please see disclaimer - The Rules* on how you can use these reports.

You can use them in your html email campaigns or display them proudly on your web site. What you see here are low resolution images.  The copies you receive with your purchase are full size, quality images.

With our 100% 90 day, money back guarantee you've got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. 

But wait!  This is all about bonuses, right?  Well, here you go.  Order Now and we'll throw in this terrific bonus report: 

How to Accomplish
Anything You Want In Life,
Starting Today!
That's 8 fresh, hot, new reports with professional covers all for the low, low price of 
Only $29.97
Backed by our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

P.S.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Start driving fresh new traffic and sales to your business right now!

The Rules:  Bonus reports have rules.  They cannot be given for free.  They cannot be used in auctions and you may not use more than two bonuses per item that you sell.  In other words, you cannot take these reports, bundle them up and put more than two in your membership site.
Use them to increase your sales.

The rules are to protect the value of them for you and for others who use them. You are not purchasing the right to resell this package. You are getting the right to use and brand the reports in accordance to the rules above.